Fernkloof Nature Reserve :
Fernkloof Nature reserve was established in 1957 and forms the splendid mountain
backdrop to Hermanus. Over 1100 different plant species have been collected and identified
within the reserve which is only 15 square kilometre. This compares well with the UK’s 1500

We have 15 kms of spectacular cliff paths with wonderful viewing benches for the not-so
energetic and over 50 kms of mountain trails for the more energetic amongst you.
The cliff path begins just above the Grotto Beach parking area and goes all the way to the
New Harbour with a small break between Mollergren Park and Protea road, where you will
have to walk along the road for about 800 metres. The paths are all well paved and maintain
and parts of the paths are wheelchair and pram friendly. No cycling allowed on the paths.